Sunday, March 16, 2014

something funny and uplifting that will restore my faith in life and humanity [books]

 I've been in a book club (with slightly shifting membership) for the past six years or so. It also went from being an in-person book club to one that takes place in Google+ hangouts. It's pretty 21st century.
The glowing orb is our ghost member.
Recently, we decided that instead of reading the same book and then discussing it, we'd create a rotation in which we pick books for each other. So far, the experiment is going swimmingly, but it's a big responsibility, Lucas, and I don't wanna screw it up. My dear friend Latty and I are generally on the same wavelength when it comes to books, but when she asked for something that was funny and uplifting and would also restore her faith in humanity, I was a little stumped. I went through all my Goodreads books and I found a few funny ones here and there, but I tend to like everything I read tinged with existential dread and/or cynicism.

Thus, I did what any 28-year-old social media dependent would do: I took to the twitterverse for suggestions. My friend Juan, a fellow UCSB PhD student bogged down by research, asked that I share the list of suggestions I received so that he could cut his scholarly books with something fun. I figured maybe others might be looking for such a thing as well, so I present to you the list, complete with Goodreads links.

Ready Player One
Ernest Cline
This Is Where 
I Leave You
Jonathan Tropper
How To Be
An American Housewife
Margaret Dilloway

The Orphan Master's Son
Adam Johnson
Jason Brubaker
Blue Remembered
Alastair Reynolds

Bird By bird
Anne Lamott
Martin E.P. Seligman
Let's Pretend This 
Never Happened
Jenny Lawson

Foreskin's Lament
Shalom Auslander
The Disaster Artist

Greg Sestero
The Most of Nora 
Nora Ephron


JP said...

I know this is an old old post, but have you read Ready Player One yet?

Corrigan said...

I did! We read it for our podcast book club. Such a fun read. You?