Sunday, August 19, 2012

[1448] the best summer ever

Summer vacation is coming to a close. Normally at this point, I'm getting anxious for school to start up again. The novelty of summer has worn off and I'm ready to hunker down and get to growing my knowledge. This is the first year in a while that I'm just not ready. I have had the best summer ever. If I were to exceed or even match its awesomeness in the future, I'd probably just drop dead from the excitement.

I started the summer in Belfast. Beautiful, beautiful Belfast. I saw old friends, I ate good food. I touched the Olympic torch. I saw James McAvoy walk by with it in Glasgow. I took photos with the legendary Stephen Rea and the incredible Martin McCann. I had a long conversation with Brendan Fraser. I got to see the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy live. I went to the Titanic Museum and the Ulster Museum and the Linen Hall Library and the Book of Kells exhibit at Trinity College. I watched them light the beacon for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on the Lagan Weir. I saw loads of films at the Belfast Film Festival, got pwned in the Belfast Film Festival Quiz. I watched The Crying Game at the QFT with Carlos. I watched British panel shows, kids' shows, game shows. I decided my new favorite phrase was, "That's Blockbusters!" I carried a notebook in my back pocket and wrote down everything. I learned that you can, in fact, go back.

I came home. I jumped back into the summer with my friends. I met an Australian. We had a 4th of July bash. There were fireworks and Jeff Goldblum movies and shiny, happy people holding hands.

And then there was Comic-Con. Oh, Comic-Con. On the very first day, I hugged Karl Urban--a moment which, in and of itself, would have made this the best summer ever. I spent three hours a day shouting over people, telling them which way to exit, helping them properly stand in lines. The rest of my SDCC days were spent being inspired by all of the creative people on the panels and in the exhibit halls and just walking around. I bumped into Seth Green, I said hello to Mark Sheppard, I walked by Rob McElhenney. I got a drawing by Lynn Johnston and got to tell her how much I loved For Better or for Worse. I wanted to live at Comic-Con, and just be constantly motivated to write more and be more creative. And I hugged Karl Urban. Worth repeating.

I spent more time hanging out in L.A. than ever before (aside from the internship at USC semester... I wouldn't call that "hanging out"). I spent an afternoon writing by myself at the Griffith Observatory. I experienced my first movie in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Bringing Up Baby. I went with my friend Kay to the Lexington Social House, where we chatted up Jeff Goldblum. I took Chels to Hollywood in some truly epic L.A. traffic. We saw a guy in a diamond bracelet that probably cost more than my college education. I frolicked around Los Feliz. Andrew and Monique introduced me to Meltdown Comics, and we were treated to the Star Dreck show. Comic books, comic books, comic books. Summer of comic books. And Judge Dredd everything.
We won pub quiz several times. I spent many late nights up messaging Bri (another shout-out!) back and forth about life, the universe, and everything. I watched two and a half seasons of Mad Men, two seasons of Louie, a season of The Good Wife. I spent a lot of time at the library. I finished my first novel. I started my second. I got a really excellent card from Monica congratulating me for doing so. It came with a pin that said "KARL." I got a fantastic pre-doctoral scholarship. My sister came to visit. My Disneyland pass starts working again tomorrow. I hear a chorus of schoolboys whispering, "Caaaaaarpe," and I am doing it.


James Pierce said...


(As in what a totally awesome summer. And those words don't even do it justice.)

Corrigan said...

Hahahahaha! Perfect response, Seamus.

Megan Vest said...

That's beautiful, man! I think I am in love with you, Corri!!!!

Corrigan said...

And I you, Megan!

Anonymous said...

You're my hero, Cor. My carpe diem hero.


Leslie (Green!) :]

clerk smith said...

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Emil said...

It really was a good one :)

Moore Musings said...

My one complaint: no mention of how many times you peed yourself. A summer like that can't go by without out at least one pair of soiled pants. Really.