Monday, August 13, 2012

[1442] i made that boy a mixtape

I once dated this guy who had never really listened to music until college. And since he had only been out of college for a year or so when I started dating him, his musical repertoire was seriously limited. It was great. I would make him mix CDs all the time and to him each one was a revelation. He liked everything. Peter Schilling? Awesome. She Wants Revenge? Good stuff. Natasha Bedingfield... actually, he discovered that one on his own. Imagine my surprise when we're shopping at Tilly's and all of a sudden my boyfriend is all but shouting, "FEEL THE RAIN ON YOUR SKIN!" I'm more of a Daniel fan, myself.

Anyway, once upon a time I would spend hours and hours of my life on finding diamonds in the indie music rough. I went to concerts, I bought albums, I won concert tickets on the radio, I took pictures with musicians. I was a gen-u-ine music groupie.

That's really not my thing anymore.

I still dig music. I just tend to fixate on one thing for a while. My Spotify activity is the irrefutable evidence of that. I've apparently listened to "Lights" by Ellie Goulding 23 times in the past two weeks. It's a little excessive, I'll admit.

If I were to make someone a mixtape mix CD playlist based on what I'm obsessively listening to on repeat this week, it would start something like this:

The Writer - Ellie Goulding
Angel with a Shotgun - The Cab [yes, I did just link to a Destiel video]
Lover of the Bayou - Mudcrutch
TNT for Two - Pajama Club
Patience - Take That

There's no real pattern to what I listen to. Unless you count Take That or Neil Finn as patterns. They come up a lot.

So what's your mixtape look like? If you were to make me a playlist, what would be on it? I can always use something new to fixate on.

[thanks go to Brianne for making me listen to this song]


Anonymous said...

I am a huge song obsessor, or album like right now I am super into Joan Baez's Volume Two but who know what will be next!

Corrigan said...

I'll have to check that one out!

Anonymous said...

I've been on a comedy music kick lately. I'm loving Jimmy Fallon, Lonely Island, Garfunkel and Oats, Weird Al, Flight of the Concords and anything else that will make me laugh and tap my feet at the same time.

Corrigan said...

I've been on a Flight of the Concords kick for the past month or two. Sometimes I just need a little Bret and Jemaine in my life.