Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[744] tell me a ghost story

It is no secret that I'm obsessed with ghost stories and folklore. This can probably be traced back to the fact that I grew up in front of a graveyard. I'm also from New England, and the daughter of New Jerseyans - one of which happens to be Irish. That's a pretty powerful trifecta of folklore-centric traits and circumstances.

One of the bummer things about living in Orange County is that there is a severe shortage of shared folklore. There are a few supposed haunted places here and there, and there's the legendary staple of the Southwestern U.S., La Llorona, but there aren't a lot of stories that seem to transcend the larger folklore of individual cultures. There aren't many stories specific to Orange County, or that everyone in the area seems to know. There's no Jersey Devil or Mothman. There are no banshees or haunted battlegrounds, no Indian burial sites or Pine Barrens. Or are there? I don't know. Nobody from around here seems to know about them.

I tried my hand at blogging about the few local legends I could dig up, but it was difficult considering the lack of resources from which to draw. I bought books. I scoured Google. I watched forums. It was all quite disappointing. A post that I wrote about the mysterious existence of wild parrots in Orange County continues to get fairly frequent comments. Why? 'Cause no one else seems to write about the weird stuff that goes on around here.

So, help me out. I'm in a draught. I need some good stories to share during lulls in conversation. Tell me a ghost story. Tell me about a local legend. I don't just mean in Orange County. Whether you live in Temecula or Tazmania, I want to hear about what goes on in your 'hood. What are the stories you and your friends told at slumber parties? They don't even have to be supernatural. My dad once told me a story about a group of people living in the hills of some town in New Jersey. They were supposedly descended of Hessian soldiers, and were incredibly hostile to interference from the city folk. Legend has it, they did some pretty gruesome things to police officers who tried to intervene. Not a ghost story. Most likely not true. Awesome story to tell over dinner. Give me some of those. Even better if it's a story of something that actually happened to you. Ready, set, GO!

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