Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Yesterday was our one-year anniversary. I know. We're big time. Hold your applause.

We spent our day in Hollywood, seeing a taping of the Late, Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson. I'm pretty sure God smiled upon our anniversary, because it was one of the best episodes I've seen, let alone been in attendance for. On the way into the studio, we crossed paths with Grant Imahara from, well, I shouldn't even have to tell you who that is. But I will. He's from Mythbusters. In my eloquence, upon spotting one of my TV heroes, I managed to say - okay, mumble - "Graaant Imahrrrrra." He responded with a much more intelligible greeting, for which I was grateful. It later turned out that Grant was a surprise guest on the show for the tweets & emails segment. It was awesome (which was the word of the evening), but stuff happened before this, too.

Pretty much immediately upon entering the studio, the warm-up comedian, Chunky B, caught sight of me and decided that I would be his target for the rest of the evening. I suppose, when you have a fro like mine, you really can't be surprised when people pick you out of a crowd. I've had drunken strangers ask to touch it, I've had random men comment on it on the street, and, as I mentioned a couple entries back, even Jeremy Davies from Lost told me he loved it. In short, a solid afro is a people magnet. If you're one of the three other black people I know and you're reading this, take note. What you do with that information is entirely dependent on whether or not you're a fan of people getting all up in your business without invitation.

Anyway, it all started as I was trying not to get hit by any of the candy he was tossing from his pockets rapid-fire into the audience. He spotted me, squirming to keep my face out of the danger zone, and mouthed that he liked my hair. I responded with a polite thanks. Two minutes later, he's got one end of a Twix in his mouth, and is leaning toward my face. Feeling like I would be a disappointment to the crowd if I turned away, and figuring, hey, when in Rome, I reluctantly grabbed the other end of the Twix in my teeth. This earned me the unfortunate nickname of "The Horny Girl" for the rest of the evening. I guess that might be better than the homely guy sitting with his considerably more attractive girlfriend, who was dubbed "Tony the Gay Guy." It's a toss up, really.

Taking my acquiescence in participating with his gag as a sign of my being down for anything, over the course of the pre-show and commercial breaks, I was given an awkward lap dance, offered an air joint, referenced repeatedly using the aforementioned unfortunate nickname, and told that the candy everyone received was melted because I was so hot.

As a side note, my husband did nothing but laugh as I was sexually harassed by the warm-up comedian on our anniversary. Didn't even feign jealousy or anger. This is somewhat troubling.

After the show, Chunky gave me a sweet Late, Late Show mug - which has been added to our shelf of TV/movie memorabilia - and a hug for being a good sport. I am nothing if not a willing participant in my own humiliation. I'd do it again (who wants go see Sara Watkins with me on the show next week? Eh? Eh? After this nice anecdote, who could say no?).

Aside from this hoopla, there actually was a show being taped, and it was awesome. It started out with a performance by She & Him. I think I'm mostly past my Zooey Deschanel obsession, but it was still pretty cool to see her up close. And I mean close, 'cause Craig's set is the smallest set I have ever seen. I mean, the set of the PBS show I interned for was bigger than this set. You really can't tell on TV that it's so small, and you would think that there are two or three hundred people in the audience, but it is, and there aren't. There are about one hundred people watching the show, and Craig's desk, the guest chairs, and Geoff Peterson are all situated within about ten or fifteen feet of each other. That's the magic of television, ladies & gents.

Jeffery Dean Morgan was HILARIOUS, and convinced Craig to let him stay for Mary Lynn Rajskub's segment. The three person interview thing was fantastic, and there is nothing like a three-way awkward pause to really make an episode of Craig Ferguson. If you can find it online, watch it, 'cause it was phenomenal.

One thing that really struck me about this show is how incredibly off-the-cuff it is. Y'know how it looks like he's making stuff up off the top of his head? He really is. There are no cue cards or outlines. His opening monologue came to him about five seconds before the camera started rolling, when Chunky B asked him what he did over the weekend. That's insane! I mean, when I have to think of something to say off the top of my head, we get, "Grant Imahrrrrra." We don't get Peabody Award winning monologues. If ever I were convinced that someone completely deserves his spot on late night, that person is Craig Ferguson.

I won't bore you with the details of our awesome dinner at some place in The Grove whose name I can't remember, or with commentary about the sweet vintage store in the Farmer's Market. I shall simply say that it was a fulfilling anniversary, and it'll be hard to beat next year. I'm a firm believer, though, that I can somehow find a way to top all of my great experiences. I aim high, and I rarely disappoint.

[Update] Read about the prank Craig pulled on the TV Critics of America. He recorded this while we were in the audience, too.

Also, I just want to add a recommendation for Late, Late Show attendees. When they give you the $20 per person meal coupons for the Grove, take that coupon to the Wood Ranch Grill. They give you a ton of food, and charge you $20 for two people, instead of $20 per person... unless, of course, it was a mistake when they did it for us. I don't think so, though, since they had a special Craig Ferguson menu there. Don't do cheesecake factory. Their deal blows.


breezybird said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Sounds like a GREAT one! :)

And, although I do not have "fro", my crazy curly hair attracts attention, as well. I get the whole people wanting to touch it, comedians pointing me out in a crowd, people asking if it's real bit allllll the time. :) haha

I am jealous you are so close to Hwood. I would LOVE to see Craig Ferguson live!

raeanne said...

Applesauce on your anniversary, sounds like a great one. I had the pleasure of seeing Craig while on trip to Calif and I have to agree he is phenomenal. He has the most off the cuff greatest material I have ever seen and this is what attracted me to him in the 1st place. Then came the sexy Scottish accent and sexy him and well a great love of his work and seeing him was born. We all share that in the #RSA and our love for Craig's natural way with people and getting what he wants out of them. He can bring a performer out of their canned junket tour crap and talk about something interesting. Thank you for a great story. I concur.

KimberlyJ said...

Sounds like a great anniversary. I loved that episode.

Emil said...

so you met kyo's twin? :)