Monday, May 24, 2010

[630] how to win at life: aloha to lost edition

As pretty much everyone in America who does not live in complete isolation knows, last nite was the series finale of Lost. Along with that came a full evening of festivities related to said finale. Kyo and I got to take part in some of those festivities - specifically, those that took place on the Jimmy Kimmel show. We drove to L.A. at 8am, stood in line for several hours, knowing that they had overbooked the show, and were treated to the opportunity to see the finale around 6 hours early, among other perks.

We also got to see the taping of the Kimmel Aloha to Lost special. I shook Locke's (Terry O'Quinn) and Farraday's (Jeremy Davies) hands, and the latter told me he loved my hair. Win! That guy's been one of my (and my mom's) faves since Twister - which is one of the best movies ever, and you're wrong if you don't think so, mmkay? I then got to ask a question in the post-show Q&A (see video below), which was fun but also scary. When Jimmy called my name, my entire body immediately started sweating. I was not expecting my question to get picked, after there already having been a Lost/Survivor tie-in in the alternate endings, and was therefore COMPLETELY unprepared mentally. Luckily, I did not hurl. Those who know me know that hurling is always a potential outcome in a given situation.

I saw that the Q&A got a lot of crap for being totally irrelevant, which was unfortunate because we were specifically told not to ask anything related to the plot of Lost, partly because we hadn't watched the finale yet and they didn't want us to ask questions that would be answered once we watched it. Furthermore, the questions that were asked on the air were specifically picked out by the JKL powers-that-be, so it was kinda lame that Kimmel sorta threw us under the bus for asking "bulls***t" questions. To paraphrase Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, no, no, Jimmy: You chose poorly. But it's really not that important what people thought of it. It was fun. And people are looking for reasons to trash the finale and everything that had to do with it anyway. Can we at least all agree that the real embarrassment of the nite was Marilyn Manson's rambling rant about dead babies and who-knows-what-else during the Kimmel show? People in the audience were seriously whispering, "Someone take the mic away from him!"

Aaaaaaanyway, after the JKL taping ended and the actors had left, Kimmel's people fed us pizza and held a raffle. We won a sweet piece of art called "Rousseau's Transmission," which was signed by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. As a parting gift, we also got boxes of Dharma Macaroni & Cheese autographed by Damon Lindelof and Josh Holloway. It was super awesome, and the best use of absolutely zero dollars that I've spent in a while.

I'm not gonna go into too much depth on what I thought of the finale, but I was satisfied with it. Of course it wasn't perfect, and everything didn't get wrapped up all neat and tidy, but I think it's better that way. There's no good way to end a show like this. There's no way to please everyone. I think they ended it well and with a big focus on redemption, which I would say has always been one of the main points of the show.


Ben Helm said...

Good call on the finale (last paragraph). I think I agree completely, although couldn't put it so well. And I didn't see Marilyn in the show...did he get cut? I did see the baby skull tho...creepy.

the CoR said...

Maybe it did get cut. Haha. I haven't watched the TV version of the show yet. I wouldn't blame them for taking out that creeptastic interlude.

Heathir said...

Sounds like a blast, CoRri. I'm so happy for you! :) Can you post a picture of the piece of art you won?

Yeah, I think the cut out the Marilyn Manson part from the TV broadcast. Sounds super creepy.

I think we're on the same page with the finale. I liked it and was satisfied despite the lingering questions. I'm still trying to process it all.

Anonymous said...

So I was at the event as well and I got a box too. I just can't read who signed mine. Care to help out? My email is

Emil said...

So cool!