Monday, March 29, 2010

[575] pants? what are these 'pants' you speak of?

Has it really been a week since last Monday? Where on earth have I been?

As you may have deduced from the title of this entry, I'm not wearing pants. I'm sick, and when I'm sick, I do not wear pants. I also don't exercise any form of discretion in my movie viewing when I'm sick.

Calm down. That doesn't mean I watch a bunch of filth and blame it on the illness. On the contrary. I watch A LOT of Disney and kids' entertainment. Today I've watched Space Chimps (really, really terrible), Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars (surprisingly true to the book), and several episodes of Hannah Montana (yeah, it wasn't just the one time when I couldn't sleep). Before you completely stop respecting me, I also watched the three episodes of Southland I've had waiting on my DVR for me. I'm totally hip, guys. F'real.

I've spent a good portion of the day downing cold medicine, sucking on lozenges, and inhaling some sort of chemical called levmetamfetamine - which sounds like a hardcore drug but smells suspiciously like Icy Hot. Kyo calls it "leave-me-alone-amphetamine." I have high hopes that I'll be on the up-and-up by tomorrow, but that could be my cold med cocktail talking.

In other news, I found out the other day that I got into Cal State Fullerton for grad school. That's right. I am going to master the arts - the arts of American Studies, more specifically. I'm excited that they like me. I like being liked. I also like learning, so I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

For now, it's time to watch a few episodes of Pawn Stars and take some Nyquil Nite Time (Rite Aid FTW!)


in the sky with diamonds said...

omg sometimes i forget how amazing you are. and then you remind me. and it's like whoa.

Erin said...

Your silly corrio. I'm sick over in this area too but its localized to my throat. My voice is going out but I've gotta do a speech on wednesday. Embarrassing. Feeeeeel better soon sister face.

P.S. Is iductio a real word? The verification thing just had me type that.

Moore Musings said...

I have been super sick too! But I wear jammie pants... flannel ones. They make me happy. :)

I marathoned Gilmore Girls. Though it sounds like you made some decent sick day choices. ;)