Monday, August 31, 2009

[365] who blogs about life anymore?

I get oddly sentimental about the passage of time. I don't even mean in the fairly commonplace, "my-life-is-going-by-so-fast" way. I'm talking about the smallest increment. I'll sit and think to myself, "Oh, August is almost done now. How sad that I will never have this August again." While August of 2009 was an excellent month, its passing is no great loss. It isn't as if September comes along and sweeps all that was August into the deepest recesses of inaccessible memory. When it comes down to it, when the clock strikes midnight thirty minutes from now, and August gives way to September, nothing's going to noticeably change. I doubt that I will feel any particular disturbance in the force.

This is just one of the many strange "isms" that make up my unusually idiosyncratic personality. I like to think all - or at least most - of these things endear others to me. Do you feel endeared? I sure hope so.

Twenty-five minutes left of August, and my dear husband, who has been asleep since September was two-and-a-half hours away, has no interest in seeing it off. But I choose to believe that he, too, would be endeared to me if he knew I could not fall asleep till I'd soaked up every last second of the fleeting present. It's a wonder I sleep at all.


brypie said...

the passing of time scares me a little.

Jaggu said...

hi i too live in beaverton. Yours is a good blog and welcome to my blog too.

Nancy said...

Yes there are some still blogging about life. Your thinking reminds me of a younger me. I am several decades ahead of you. I remember one fall day out in a harvested cornfield holding a broken stalk in my hand. My thoughts....I can never experience this field or this month again!

Emil said...

he fell asleep early because he is old

James David said...

Maybe this should have been entitled: "Who Blogs Anymore?"