Thursday, June 18, 2009

[289] wtf, universe?

In the picture above, you see me, eating a Pita from Pita Pit at Pioneer Courthouse Square at approximately 5:35pm. This was after deciding that I didn't really feel like sitting inside the restaurant to eat. This was also after deciding that, for the first time ever, I was NOT going to visit Powell's City of Books while wandering the city. These, as it turns out, were two of the dumbest decisions I could have made today. You see, apparently, my childhood idol, Wil Wheaton, was not only spotted outside Pita Pit at around 5:30 this evening, but he also then proceeded to spend the next two hours roaming the sci-fi section of Powell's. THAT'S THE SECTION I'M ALWAYS IN!!!! Hath the universe conspired against me??? I mean, I've written a freakin' (humorous, not creepy) song about this guy (which will hopefully make its YouTube debut sometime in the near future)! I watched Star Trek religiously for the Wesley Crusher scenes as a child. If he guest stars on a TV show, I immediately look it up and watch it. And here he was, not only in my city, but apparently mere steps behind me, and I MISSED HIM! I am a failure as a geek, a blogger, and a lover of all things '90s. End me now! I have failed you all, and I have failed myself. That picture should not be of me stuffing my face. It should be of me and Wil Wheaton poring over a copy of Shatnerquake. Guh.


CaptObvious said...

I don't really understand any of the characters, drama or nouns in your story here. Wil Wheaton? WTF is that? You didn't fail me because I didn't know wtf you were going for in the first place. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

You're not a failure Corri. Maybe the universe didn't want you to be there at that specific place and time and this experience will help you get through your next big obstacle. Don't be sad!!

hal. said...

I, too, decided to skip Powell's :( I also decided to skip Pita Pit. I would have been in both of these places after saying goodbye to the friend I was hanging out with. So not only would we have bumped into each other (since we barely missed each other as it is), but Willlllll W. Siiiigh.

Never again will I skip ahhaha. I also skipped Voodoo Doughnut, which... doesn't happen.

man, we suck, lady.

Kyle Ray said...

you are a failure. I am not sure we can be friends anymore. I would have been there. wait, probably not. We can still be friends

catherinecarmen said...

damn. damn. damn.