Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[231] iiiiit's been one week...

I fully intended to update much sooner, but it has been quite a bit busier than usual this past week. My normally mundane life here in Beaverton got thrown for a bit of a loop when my childhood friend Sarah came to Oregon for a couple days. Sarah runs a popular website called Pop17, and was here as an Intel Insider testing out their ish and doing the duties of a social media guru. She invited me to tag along on these outings, including a presentation at Intel on their new MyWiFi technology, a Tweetup at the Green Dragon Pub, an evening at a decidedly un-Portland bar (think Sutra in Costa Mesa), and a self-guided tour through the Wieden & Kennedy building (meaning we wandered around aimlessly until someone finally questioned why we were there) after her radio interview on W+K radio. As it turns out, this very building was where the Nike catch phrase, "Just do it," was coined. Also, the advertising for Coraline was done by this agency, so I got to see some sweet posters and contemplate snatching them right off the wall. I didn't, of course.
On Friday nite, we watched Mean Girls and stayed up chatting about old friends, new friends, and theology. Not only was the conversation pleasant; it was also nice to hang out with someone who didn't laugh at me, but instead got excited when I changed the channel to Star Trek: The Next Generation after the movie ended.
Saturday, Emil, Andy , and I dropped Sarah off at the airport, then headed to Yreka, CA so that Em could get a fix-it ticket taken care of. It was a long drive for a signature, but we made it count. We ate at Heaven on Earth, which is probably one of my favorite restaurants ever and truly lives up to its name; we spent ten minutes in a casino simply to say that we'd done it and to take pictures. Turns out you're not supposed to take pictures in the casino. Guess they don't want to risk letting out the secret that casinos are actually filled with depressed, old people wasting their retirements compulsively pressing "spin" on a flashing screen while sitting in a stagnant cloud of cigarette smoke. This is not what it looked like on The O.C.
Anyway, we spent most of the trip singing at the top of our lungs to Disney songs, 90's contemporary Christian hits, one-hit-wonders, and other such classics. It was beautiful.
Sunday, I babysat all day before heading out to see Gran Torino with my road trip compatriots. I loved it. I bawled.... but I always bawl. It's kind of my thing when it comes to watching movies. I know that most of the supporting actors in the movie were crap, but I still don't see why it wasn't nominated for an Oscar. I thought it trumped Slumdog, no contest.
Now, I'm finally slowing down for a minute. I have a day off tomorrow and I plan to sleep for as long as my body will let me. Goodnight, moon.


Jay said...

tell the truth you love twitter more than your blog. Oh look you made your blog cry!

Kent said...

1) the other day on the metro i was staring out the window and i saw a coraline advert (from ages ago) on the tunnel walls and it was like a flipbook and was therefore amazing!
2) I am going to have to sstrongly disagree with your Gran Torino sentiments. I thought it was silly, a little funny, and poorly acted, even on Eastwood's part (and when he sings! oh, man), but even I admit, he shoots a pretty film. As you already know, I sold my soul to The Wrestler...not Slumdog, so at least we are both in the oppositional party.
3) i miss you and cant wait to get out there for your weddin day. any tips on finding cheap flights to porty? i have had no such luck...400 and up :/