Tuesday, April 14, 2009

[224] remember me?

I used to blog here, once upon a time. *sigh* Such levels of suckitude1 are only attainable by those sincerely devoted to the pursuit of sucking. And the lazy. Okay, mostly the lazy. But I mean it this time: I'm gonna do better. If I don't blog at least once a week, I give you, the reader, the right to give me a swift flick to my abnormally small ears. And by you, I mean, anyone but Emily. The last thing I need is an ear bombardment while I'm trying to get my snooze on. Heaven forbid she should interrupt me while I dream about Liam Neeson.
Not THAT kind of dream. Sickos.
I just spilled Gatorade all over my pillow sham. Let that be a lesson to you all - don't drink and blog.
I just watched Five Minutes of Heaven, speaking of Liam (totally on a first name basis). It was incredible. I know I'm biased on multiple fronts with this one - namely the fact that it stars Liam Neeson & James Nesbitt and that it revolves around the Troubles in Northern Ireland - but it's legit no matter who you are.
I've also recently watched Doubt and Slumdog Millionaire. Doubt was phenomenal. Not the most exciting or fast-paced film out there, but the acting is out of this world. See it. Slumdog, on the other hand, was just alright. I was expecting to love it, but I was also expecting a pretty different movie. Everyone made it out to be some sort of heartwarming, feel-good, family film. Um... yeah. Still Danny Boyle. Depressing as hell. It had a similar affect on me to reading The Kite Runner. Not a good one. But I did love the Bollywood dance scene in the credits. All movies should end like that. Whoever survives gets to bust a move.

1. The word "suckitude" was stolen from Anthony Bourdain, who referred to himself as the "epicenter of suckitude" on an episode of his Travel Channel show, No Reservations.


Jay said...

Well at least you have your ShamWoW that should solve your drinking issues....

ConglomerateBeauty said...

You didn't like "The Kite Runner"?? Omg, can we talk about it sometime? Oh, that book hurts.

Though not as much as my flicking on your ear will, surely.

Kent said...

1) man, i feel ya on the whole blogging while leading a real life thing...
2) haha, sex dreams are funny.
3) totally feel the same way about BOTH movies...still think The Wrestler shoulda been nominated..."Slumdog" as everyone refers to it now, was just okay, but Im glad a bollywood-ish movie won i guess...departure for a Danny Boyle flick eh?
4) I miss you so much! I have so much to confide with you its ridiculous...i just hope your mind doesn't explode when we finally do talk.