Monday, February 9, 2009

[161] cogito ergo blog.

I'm becoming more and more of a blog slacker all the time. Considering the fact that I give Kyo such a hard time for neglecting his, I'm beginning to feel a bit hypocritical. Again, I shall attempt a comeback. And again, no promises -- not that I'm assuming anyone is waiting with bated breath for my return to the blogosphere. But on the off chance that your breath was, in fact, bated, here I am.

That said, life is more or less rolling along as always. Working, sleeping, watching Friday Night Lights and my weekly installments of prime time soaps (Gossip Girl & 90210). Emil & I had the use of a car this weekend and decided to change up our predictable routines. We painted the town of Beaverton on Saturday, then headed to Multnomah Falls and into the city on Sunday. Even got to drive through a sweet cemetery nearby. It was a stellar couple days.

Today while playing a game with the kids, I witnessed the funniest conversation between Katie and an imaginary police officer (also Katie) who was looking to arrest me for breaking a dog (Nikki) out of the pound. While JoJo, Nikki, & I hid in the closet, this was what I heard/saw through the slats of the door:

Katie Policeman (in deep voice): I'm looking for a tall girl with black skin and black hair. Have you seen her?
Regular Katie: Uh... no, no one like that here.
Katie Policeman: Her name is CoRri the Babysitter.
Regular Katie: Oh, yes, well, I'm afraid she died last week. Hit by a blimp.

I nearly wet myself. Katie is the funniest six-year-old on the planet.

Now it's off to put away some laundry before my date with Alex Trebek. Adieu.


ConglomerateBeauty said...

My breath was bated--I live for stories like that!

Emil said...

breathe out

The Future Mr. and Mrs said...

Thats nothing short of amazing. If you think about it, that would be a pretty exciting way to die...

Jay said...

I feel you on the whole blogging thing. I always check up on you. But I have noticed that me myself I have slacked in talking with activities. My friends I play online with or talk to have noticed. I guess when you can see nothing but a beautiful person who captivates you, all your times seems to slip away. I heard about this blimp death to bad to bad ol bean!

Kent said...

so great! man, kids are the best!