Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[133] resolute

Bally's has become overrun by New Year's resolvers. Upon arriving at my oft nigh-empty gym tonite, there were no treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, or even stair climbers available upon which to work on my fitness. It's absurd. I realize that in a month or two it'll be back to normal, but I certainly do not feel that I am getting my $18 a month worth at the moment. Of course, I should be glad that people are attempting to curb the widespread obesity problem in America. I should be happy for these people that they are decreasing their chance of heart problems and diabetes. But I'm selfish. I want my elliptical back.

Katie was impressed enough by tuna melt making skills that today she told me that I'm going to be an excellent mother. I hope that my own children will be as easy to please as Katie.

Upon arriving at their house today, Chris explained to me that Katie was learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and that she and her classmates had a hard time understanding why people would make fun of others and treat others badly because of the color of their skin. He said that he almost didn't want to explain it because it was just so awesome that they couldn't even fathom the concept of racism. That made me smile. I mean, I'm not in denial or anything. I know that racism still exists and probably always will, but to see the pockets of it getting smaller and smaller is a pretty incredible thing to witness.

I'm currently reading the book Thunderstruck by Erik Larson. He's the fella who wrote Devil in the White City, which, if you have not read, I'm judging you for. It's amazing. Read it. Especially if you're a history nerd. Anyway, this one ties together the stories of a murderer named Hawley Harvey Crippen and the inventor Guiglielmo Marconi. So far, it's fantastic. No one does non-fiction like Erik Larson... except maybe Capote, but I'm not sure that quite counts. This book is a delightful change after attempting to read Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven. Only Krakauer can take a subject that I'm completely fascinated by - to the point of obsession - and make it unreadable.

Emil, Brian, and I are going to California for Coop's wedding in three days. I love being spontaneous. I feel alive.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

[127] back to reality

Vacation has come to an end. It was a brilliant one, to be sure. I really can't complain of its ending, since it felt like I had more time than I actually did. Maybe it's the fact that I'm used to short spurts of a day or two here and there when I'll see Kyo that made it seem like I had a month with him this time, but whatever created that illusion, I'm grateful for it. It was a good time.

I saw several friends. I saw nine of my dad's ten siblings. I saw two of my four siblings. I saw my former RA staff. I saw more food than any girl could ever hope to eat, but did my darndest to attempt it.

On Monday, Kyo took me to the Blue Bayou at Disneyland. I've wanted to go there for the past five years. It lived up to my expectations. They even gave me a little candy doubloon. Now that's service.

As I've mentioned before, Kyo is an excellent amateur nurse, and once again his skills were put to the test when a migraine kicked the crap out of me on Saturday. I don't think there is a more attentive man on the face of this earth than Kyo Edmoundson. If I hadn't been in so much pain I was about to smother myself with my own pillow, I would certainly have been beaming with pride at my super awesome man. Air points.

It was wonderful to see the kiddies again today. They warm my heart. I showed them pictures of Gaucho and Kyo and Disneyland. They swooned at all three. "He looks pretty handsome to me," Katie says - in reference to Kyo, not the dog. The cuteness of those three little ones just never ceases.