Tuesday, December 9, 2008

[99] 'tis the season

Again, I'm cheating. This picture is actually day 98, not 99. But I liked it, so I'm using it. You can look at my flickr feed on the left side of the page to see today's real photo.

Christmas is almost here, and I'm not sure whether it feels like the holidays or not. Our house is nicely decorated. We have a lovely tree and various "swags" around the house that were crafted during this week's Thursday nite breakfast. The kids have been begging me to let them eat candy canes, and I've been drinking my share of peppermint hot cocoa. Still, something's not quite in place yet and I'm not sure what it is.

My suspicion is that it has something to do with there being no semester's end to indicate the upcoming season. I should be studying for finals right now and planning holiday parties in the comm. lab. It's odd that nothing's changing. It's weird be going through life the same way I have been for the past seven months rather than going through the pre-vacation scramble I'm used to.

I leave for California on the 20th. I'm excited to spend two whole weeks with the mister. We haven't spent more than four days within 900 miles of each other since July. That's dumb.

I had my interview with CSU Fullerton for grad. school and it looks like I'm in. They don't actually make their decisions till March, but seeing as the department head not only used "when" rather than "if" when talking about her sending my acceptance letter, but also offered me a job upon my arrival, I think it's a fairly safe bet. I'ma get educated. I can't wait.


Moore Musings said...

I understand... it is strange even now to not have the end of semester transition, and I have been out of school for years! I work up until noon on christmas eve... there is zero transition here. ugh.

I still think it's October some days. :)

Moore Musings said...

PS- did Bass break your heart last night?

ConglomerateBeauty said...

Congrats on the job and acceptance to CSUF!

Jon V. said...


Kent said...

i totally agree...i hate that for me christmas is this almost somber affair. everyone is hopping around to christmas parties, etc. and all i have done so far is bake a little bit and make christmas gift tabs in safari. I think the key will be moving away from family...yes, moving AWAY. They are totally lame around the holidays. They all say they hate the commercialism so I finally told them this year, "well if you aren't going to enjoy what everyone else typically does, then why dont know get out of the freaking house and work in a soup kitchen on christmas day." And so thats what we're doing on xmas morn...well corrigan, I cant wait for the day that we get to live in the same area again and throw the best random holiday parties ever, like summer solstice. Peace!