Sunday, November 2, 2008

[63] in absentia

I've been shamefully lax on my blogging of late, and I apologize to any who may take offense at my neglect. It was unintentional. I'm just... absentminded. And busy.

Kyo has been here the past few days. It was glorious. I spent most of Friday throwing up while Kyo emptied my bucket and brought me countless cups of water. This is the mark of a good fiance. I may not have the kind of hair that requires literal holding back, but he at least metaphorically did so for me while I expelled what I can only assume was at least three major organs. TMI.

Anyway, once that little adventure was over, we had a fantastic time being positively lazy and deciding that neither of us really wanted to get married in Southern California, so Oregon it is. Also, we took engagement photos. They're pretty sweet. Yarby is magical.

1 comment:

h. said...

hmm, I wonder where that photo was taken... :P
I hope you feel better :( that really sucks!
and yay Oregon!