Wednesday, October 22, 2008

[52] surgeried

First phase o' surgery: Extraction of old shotty tooth/crown, bone graft, suture mania, and the "flipper." I talk with a mega lisp with the flipper in. I sound like Homestar Runner. Upon extracting my tooth, the periodontist discovered that the crown had, in fact, cracked in half and what was left underneath was just a mound of decay. Yummy.

My former dentist owes me a bundle.

My main complaint is that I can't eat any solid foods. Eating things that simply slide down my throat is incredibly unsatisfying.


BenboBaggins said...


Jon V. said...

Can we get a picture with flash? I can't really see what is going on. All I see is your mouth.

the CoR said...

I increased the exposure a bit. That help?

BenboBaggins said...

still gross

Jack is "that guy" said...

i didn't need to see this.