Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[51] my last day with my tooth

Tomorrow the periodontist takes my tooth away and replaces it with some dead body bone and a removable substitute in preparation for my implant in a couple months. Not looking forward to this so much, but such is life. Or at least, such is MY life. Sometimes it seems pretty darn unfair. But then me and Emil spend an evening watching The Simpsons, Goosebumps, and Home Improvement after a brisk evening walk to 7eleven for Gatorade and Hostess products, and I know that things could be worse. At times, I have it damn good.

I updated my OC Oddities blog today. I created it for a class I was in first semester last year and have neglected it ever since. It was fun to revisit it and update. It also at least gives me something to look forward to about moving back to Orange County. Weirdness awaits.

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