Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[50] well, 51, technically

It is after midnite, after all. Nonetheless, I'm gonna say it's day 50. As Benno has pointed out to me a few times, I haven't updated this in a while. It has been crazy around here and mostly, when I'm not engulfed in something else, I'm sleeping. Excuses, excuses, I know. I should just suck it up and post. I'm doing it now.

We pulled a major surprise engagement for Emil last week. Literally, an engagement. Jer flew out and proposed and she had NO idea. See, for some odd reason, Emil operates under the assumption that Yarby and I would never lie to her. I haven't the foggiest notion where she got that idea, but I can assure you, she no longer harbors that fantasy. We lied. She bought it. She was shocked.

I also went to the coast with my nanny family this past week. It was delightful. I texted Chris, the dad, while I was walking around by myself and told him that I was moving there. He simply responded, "Told you so." It's true. He did.

On Wednesday I have a surgery that is going to cost $1500 more than I expected it to. To be completely honest, I cried like a pansy upon realizing this. Fortunately, I have a sugar daddy and he's taking care of it. I am spoiled... but it'd be nice if that spoiling entailed weekend spa getaways and monthly massages rather than bone graft surgeries and amoxicilin prescriptions. I have no doubt in my mind that, should I decide I required those things, he would jump at the opportunity. The knowledge of his willingness is enough. I need no such treatment.

I decided today that I want to learn to draw. I'm no good, but maybe if I practice, someday I'll draw something that isn't total crap. I have high hopes. My mother is an artist. Some of that has to have rubbed off, right?



BenboBaggins said...

Hooray!!! Another great opportunity to not only waste even MORE time and procrastinate on hw, but a wonderful way to connect with an old friend. Good job on the el posto, mi CoRrio.

Sad to hear bout your chompers. Man, I think I might be waiting till I have a job that'll pay for my dental till I go to a dentist again...$'s a bit tight. Took out my first loan last week and all, so yeah. Sucks.

ANYWHO, I don't know what an Emil or a Yarby are, but I like the sound of 'em. Keep up the good work!

Jon V. said...

Well if that is your drawing you're already doing better than me. So maybe she already has rubbed off. Although I'm not sure the rubbing off is guaranteed.

Lightning Lo said...

coRn, surgery? no bueno.
hope all goes well.
and misssss you

Emil said...

maybe you could draw a sugar daddy?