Sunday, October 5, 2008

[35] weekend's end

We had our friends over tonite for some cider, some cookies that ended up being scones, a bit of candy corn, and a viewing of Dan in Real Life. As always, it was a lovely time. Our hearts were warmed by the fact that Amos rang the doorbell, but came in before we even got to the door. Then Molly simply entered as well. We love when people feel comfortable enough to do such things.

Hillary ran her marathon today. The rest of us made a list of pros and cons of participating in such an event. The list of cons was rather exhaustive. There was only one pro. I will not be running any marathons.

I am almost done with my current read and I'm excited to finish so that I can finally get a full nite of sleep. It's really been taking a toll on my sleep patterns.


Anonymous said...

was one of the cons: "while training to run you might get a stress fracture, or two"? becuase that should have been one of them.

seriously though, what was the pro?


the CoR said...

I think we summed that up in the "major injuries" category of the cons.

The pro? Bragging rights.