Wednesday, October 1, 2008

[31] wearing out

I am absolutely exhausted. I have to go for a consultation at the dentist's office tomorrow. I was originally supposed to go on October 15th, but for some reason decided to take the earlier appointment offered to me. That was dumb. I need a day off.

The Sox won game one of the ALDS. That's good news. It was fantastic to actually get to watch the game on television. Despite the fact that Oregon has no baseball of its own, they rarely show my beloved Red Sox.

I watched Tarzan with the kids today. I've always like the music, but after seeing the movie today, I can't believe that that's supposed to be a kids' movie. I did not enjoy having little Katie turn to me after the hanging of the bad guy and asking why having something wrapped around your neck helps you die.

I need sleep.

1 comment:

Moore Musings said...

WOW. forgot about that.
But absolutely love the music.

Good luck at the dentist today!