Monday, September 22, 2008

day twenty-two

I've been following this forum where people are debating whether or not it's okay to teach your children your religion. It's a stupid conversation. Of course it's okay. The right to practice religion freely is one of the big concepts upon which this country was founded. That's not to say that religious oppression hasn't been a part of its history, but I like to think at this point we're getting past that. It's just funny to see militant atheists try to argue that parents have no right to introduce their children to their faith until they're at least sixteen and can make up their minds for themselves. They're saying that it's irreparably detrimental to their future well-being, and their proof is in the website Big shocker that on a website for ex-Christians people are bitching about how harmful religion was growing up. I'm not saying no harm has ever been done by people claiming to act on behalf of God, but passing the belief in God on to your kids is not inherently detrimental. That's just ridiculous. Not to teach your child the faith that you believe is Truth would be hypocritical - another thing that I'm sure these same people would be quick to attack.

The discussion has been making me so stressed out that I finally unsubscribed from the forum today. It was making me grind my teeth, and my teeth do not need anymore abuse.

In other news, I got new glasses today. Or, well, I ordered new glasses. They'll be here in two weeks. I can't wait to wear glasses with two arms on them.

Also, I hate Sudoku.


Jon V. said...

What's great about that is they see nothing wrong in teaching children not to believe in a faith system. They would advocate teaching their children atheism, I suppose. But what they don't realize is that too is a faith system.

Kent said...

silly indeed. you pass on EVERYTHING to your children, not just matters of faith. [[swear spoiler]] if you didn't pass on bits of knowledge/insight, your kids would end up useless fucktards that can't drive or wipe their own ass. Its just common sense, and yes, let your child decide what they want to believe at that undefinable age. I applaud you unsubscribing from the forum...i used to subscribe to ireport until i learned that it is a huge waste of time and is a huge journalistic mistake on cnn's part. I, as well as my sudoku book lying on my bedside table, are saddened that you no like sudoku.