Monday, September 29, 2008

day twenty-nine

At the gym tonite, we saw a guy standing in the aerobics room in his tighty-whities, posing in front of a somewhat overweight middle-aged woman. Naturally, it took me by surprise. As it turns out, this fella is going to be in a body building show and was working on his poses. I guess if you can stand in your skivvies in a room made of windows and mirrors for all passers by to see, you can stand in front of a crowd at a body building show. The odd thing was that he wasn't a particularly muscular guy from the look of things. I didn't look too closely, but he wasn't any Schwarzenegger or anything.

I like that Schwarzenegger is apparently in the Firefox dictionary, because it didn't underline it as a misspelled word when I wrote it.

I took the kids to the library today. That's not a euphemism for anything, even though it sounds like it. We fed the ducks, borrowed some books, and fled just before Joey had a fit in the middle of the children's section. Success.

Tomorrow is my last trip to the dentist... until the 15th of October anyway.

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Anonymous said...

i have to go back to the dentist on the 15th of october as well.

sounds like a crappy day.