Friday, September 12, 2008

day twelve

I abhor the dentist.

Well, okay, not the dentist herself. I actually quite like Dr. Berg. She's a sweet lady. From the look of her, she can't be a whole lot older than I am. I have no complaints about her. I just hate the fact that my teeth, no matter how much I brush/floss them, and no matter how little sugar I ingest, will always be a problem. In today's battle between my teeth and my wallet, my teeth struck a potentially fatal blow to their opponent. Aside from the usual cavities and things, I have an incredibly bad infection in one of my molars, which will require its more or less immediate extraction. Once that happens, a $4,000 implant surgery which is not covered by (my or any other) insurance will need to take place.

Dear Life,
In case you hadn't heard, in a month and a half I need to start paying off the massive amounts of debt I incurred during my stay at Vanguard University. Also, I'm getting married. If you could please refrain from creating any further situations that will cost me an arm, a leg, and perhaps my first born child, that'd be great.
Corrigan (soon to be Edmoundson) Albouy-Vaughan


Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

ahh yes, the joys of getting married and sharing your entire life with someone else. Including your debt.

James said...

I think you would win the longest last name ever award. I mean, that is, if you were to keep the Albouy-Vaughan.

Then again there MIGHT be someone out there who beats you.