Saturday, September 6, 2008

day six

For the billionth time in my nine years or so of having a debit card, I have lost it. This made it impossible for me to get cash out to take the MAX to see my dear friend (that lay in the house that Jack built), Connor. I am sad. I am also sad because I just watched In The Name of the Father. I bawled my eyes out. I'm such a sap.

On a slightly random note, I've never been a particularly political person (unless those politics pertain to Northern Ireland). However, I think everyone has become at least a little bit political during this crazy circus of a presidential race we have going on right now. Up until, oh, a week or so ago, I was still undecided between presidential candidates. When McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, though, I thought that any thinking person would see through this ridiculous gimmick and realize that their only option was to choose Obama. Oddly, some brilliant people I know for some reason fell for it. I'm stunned. There is so much wrong with Sarah Palin - and none of this is based on her being a woman or having a pregnant teen or whatever other things that people like to blame opposition to her on so that they don't have to face the facts - that I don't even know where to begin. It just saddens me that some people are so staunchly set on voting with a party or ideal that they are blind to the fact that they're being duped.

The office of the presidency has a tendency to age its incumbent some ten to fifteen years over a four year span. This doesnt even include the years the campaign itself tacks on. As such, i can't help but feel that a vote for McCain is, in all actuality, a vote for Sarah Palin. I mean, the grim reaper is standing at the White House door with a welcome basket for our war-hero friend. And God help us all if he does kick the bucket and that woman ever becomes commander-in-chief.

Anyway, thus ends my first and only political rant.

In other news, I am watching Failure to Launch, and all I can say is that I never had any desire to see Terry Bradshaw naked, and could have lived a happy life without seeing him disrobe. I can only hope that, from this point forward, this never happens again.


bigg-andy said...

from andy: you are forgetting that John McCain as president means that the country at the same time had the hottest First Lady and the hottest Vice President in history... and who can say no to that

Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

A few things....You say that as though Obama was less evil. A good speech doesn't mean much.

And really, he is too old? That is possibly the lamest excuse for not voting for a person. Sorry.

And what are those terrible things that she is about?

I am curious. I don't know anything your political opinions.