Wednesday, September 17, 2008

day seventeen

My glasses inexplicably broke today. I was just sitting on the couch, looked down, and noted that the previously unbroken arm of my glasses was bent at a curious angle. I picked them up, attempted to adjust the arm, and was left with two separate pieces in my hand. With a sigh, I shuffled into the kitchen and retrieved a roll of Scotch tape with which to make a hasty repair that will have to tide me over until my optometrist appointment next week.

I went to the gym without glasses tonite. My head hurts now. On the plus side, I could not watch the interview with Sarah Palin that was playing on Fox News at the time. Every time I'm at the gym, Fox News is talking about Sarah Palin. That also makes my head hurt.

Speaking of TV politics, Oregon politicians fight dirty. At least Gordon Smith does, anyway. I don't know anything about Jeff Merkley, but if I were a resident of Oregon I feel like I'd vote for him simply because Gordon Smith's smear campaign against him is so ridiculously brutal.

I hate politics.


Jon V. said...

Out of curiosity why does interview with Sarah Palin hurt your head?

Jon V. said...

Sorry for the improper grammar. :(