Friday, September 19, 2008

day nineteen

Katie turned six today. She lamented to me the fact that she didn't feel any different than she did when she was five and a half. I can commiserate. I have felt that way many a time. Oddly, though, twenty-three does feel quite different than twenty-two - and certainly worlds different from five and a half (though there are similarities). I think it's the way it sounds. That three thrown in the mix changes everything.

Emil and I decided to be real people and at least go somewhere on our Friday nite. We went to L&L for some Hawaiian grub, and followed that with a trip to Powell's. We were then rejected by not one, but two different bus drivers trying to catch a ride to the Beaverton Transit Center. Normally the bus drivers around here are pretty legit, but I guess it was d-bag nite here in Zone 3 of the TriMet system.

I'm exhausted, but we are forcing ourselves to stay awake and watch Hard Candy. NetFlix is detrimental to sleep patterns. However, I stayed up reading till 3:30am, so I think that I am just detrimental to my sleep patterns.

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