Monday, September 15, 2008

day fifteen

Considering my fairly homebody-ish nature, I actually had quite a few adventures today. I took dear, sweet Joey to the Hillsboro Library where we fed ducks and everyone who passed us by ooh'ed and aah'ed at how adorable he was. Seriously, he's cute. I'd like to claim he's mine, but I think his blonde hair and lack of skintone give me away. I'll settle for being recognized as the lucky babysitter.

When I got home from nannying today, Kattie and Hil were headed out to the Beaverton Library, so I joined them on that outing and procured for myself a Washington County library card. I inaugurated it by borrowing every Phil Collins CD in the library's collection, as well as a couple of books I probably don't have time to read but could not resist.

Kattie and I followed the journey up with a trip to a local coffee shop called Ava's. We chatted about life, family, gender roles, and all the other normal things that come up in conversation over a cuppa joe - or, in my case, a tall blended caramel cappucino.

Naturally, the gym followed such an imposing caloric intake. And now it's time to pick up Emil, who abandoned me for California this past week, from the airport.

My, my. Look at all my adventures. I'm a regular Beryl Markham.

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