Thursday, September 11, 2008

day eleven

Epiphany of the week: It takes kind of a long time to get to and from the airport on the MAX.

Leiko brought her wonderfully chubby baby Dakota over for a bit of doting from his Uncle and future Aunt. He's a pretty awesome baby. You'd like him, Reader-of-Mine. I really think you'd approve.

Unfortunately for me, the mister had to return to the black hole of Southern California, so after a bite to eat at the airport, I sent him on his way. Mind you, when I say I sent him on his way, I mean that I asked more than a few times if he was sure he had to leave and supervised his entire journey through airport security before finally slinking down to the MAX in defeat. I hate battles that I can't win. Cursed Vanguard for providing my fella with full-time employment.

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