Monday, September 8, 2008

day eight

It is my last day of being twenty-two. This year has been good to me, but I'm looking forward to a fairly awesome twenty-third. It starts on a high note when a certain adjunct professor from Vanguard University arrives in PDX tomorrow to whisk me away on a day full of adventures. I have heard promises of steak and pancakes. Separate meals, I assure you.

I can't think (or write) when I'm listening Tim Hughes.

It's off to Bally for me with my dear roomies. I can no longer sit and be fit (though I enjoy engaging in that activity with the wonderful elderly folks at the Avalon Senior Center and my good friend Marcus DeLeon).

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James said...

And may I predict, for another great birthday gift, that Boston is going to take sole possession of first place in the AL East as a token of their appreciation of your love for them.

And if this prediction turns out to be false, you have my deepest of sympathies.